You're going to put countless hours into this.   We're going to make it all worth it.

There's no way around it. You and your volunteers are going to put a lot of work into pulling this off. We're going to professionally help guide you through the process- avoiding the pitfalls and taking an unbelievable load off your shoulders.

The culmination of our efforts is an incredibly fun and rewarding evening for everyone... that just happens to bring in significant funding to your cause.

Simply put, we amplify the value that any given event can provide for your organization- maximizing revenue generated and minimizing the headache it takes to put it together.

How we make your event great...

Passion & Dedication

When you hire us, you're hiring us... John & Shelley Lumm.   We're in this business because we genuinely care about raising money for schools and non-profits and because frankly, we're pretty darn good at it.

Our Story & Background

Pre-auction Consulting

We're here to answer your questions and pre-empt the ones you've haven't thought of yet. We provide expert advice on auction strategy- covering everything from procuring bidding-war-inducing auction items, sequencing items for the right ebb & flow, to executing a goal-crushing "Fund-a-Need".

What's a Fund-a-Need?

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Pulling it all together

You will have spent countless hours working on event details. Now's the time for us to make that hard work shine. With 20 years in the auction business, John Lumm has created an artwork out of asking for money. Watch as he warms up the crowd, building an excitement and energy in the room before unleashing what is just as much entertainment as it is fundraising gold.

What to Expect

Is a Professional Worth It?

Let us build the energy. Let us do the asking.

It's supposed to be a fun evening

Nuances, play-on-words, jokes and games - All this adds up to the excitement of your live auction. When your audience is enjoying an entertaining atmosphere, they are relaxed and more likely to participate in bidding. Give us a few minutes to warm up your crowd and we'll create the energy to get everyone participating.

20 Years Honing the Art of Asking for Money

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If asking for money isn't the most desireable part of your responsibilities, rely on us to take that pressure away.
We're good at it and we're good at helping your audience enjoy being asked. 

What others are saying...

Nothing but positive feedback from the guests, board, teachers... Everyone!
-S. Jillson | Board Member, Los Gatos School Auction

Auctioneer John Lumm, of JSL Auctions, provided great entertainment while helping us raise a record amount from the live auction. John was instrumental in encouraging guests to support MVEF with direct donations, specifically for the art and music program in our schools.
-A. Barnsley | Mountain View Education Foundation

I've been a member on auction committees for several consecutive years, and have continually recommended John Lumm be hired to provide professional auctioneering services. John brings an endless amount of energy and commitment to each auction he works. He brings thoughtful suggestions and fun personality to our annual auctions. Vital in helping us reach and exceed our fund-raising goals.
-A. Doumitt | Auction Co-chair, Alameda Catholic School

Liza Levin - Board Member of The Mountain View Education Foundation

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